Located in the village of Hull, Massachusetts and Nantasket Beach - 508-468-5499
  • Sunscreen & Sunglasses

    Although the breeze may be cooler as we sail out for the sunset, the sun is still powerful and can burn. Use a good waterproof sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses (polarized are the best) to protect you from the harmful rays
  • Extra Clothing

    Even a day in the 80's can turn chilly as the sunsets and you are sitting on an outside seat. Also weather conditions change constantly in New England so a light raincoat or windbreaker is a good idea to have on your cruise.
  • Food/Bar

    Although we do sell some light snacks, food is allowed on our boat. Cheese and crackers go well with a glass of wine (purchased on our boat only, no alcohol can be brought on board) or a picnic lunch or dinner. Please remember to carry off what you carried on (except alcohol purchased on the boat). We have a full liquor license and many of your favorite libations. Beer and wine are available as is bottled water and soft drinks. NO ALCOHOL can be taken onto or off the boat at any time.
  • Cameras and Smartphones

    You are bound to see something special on any given tour. A good camera or smartphone for videos is recommended. We would love it if you would share them on our Facebook Page.